Australian South Sea Pearls - Earrings
The white South Sea cultured pearl is referred to as the “Queen of Pearls.” The ‘white-lipped’ and the ‘silver-lipped shell is mainly found in the waters off the coast of north Western Australia, and the ‘gold-lipped’ or ‘yellow-lipped’ shell found mainly in the Philippines and Indonesia. They are grown in the Pinctada Maxima oyster, which is the largest pearl producing oyster. The oyster produces pearls from 9mm – 18mm, and occasionally larger.

Either wild oysters or oysters from hatcheries are collected, cleaned and prepared for the seeding operation. The seeding process is an extremely delicate process in which a spherical nucleus of polished freshwater mussel shell and a small piece of mantle tissue is surgically implanted into the host oyster. The pearls are then harvested around two years later.

Most of the harvested pearls will be in different shapes such as oval, drop, button and baroque. White South Sea pearls come in a variety of colours including white through to silver blue, and from cream to golden colours.

Sinclair’s Jewellers is renowned for the quality of their Australian and South Sea Pearls. The family sources many of these direct from the pearl farms.

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